FlyHabbo: The End
It's a goodbye from us.

FlyHabbo started in November 2012, and it's been a nice long run of just over five years. We never thought it'd last this long. However, we're at a point in time where it's just not feasible to continue running the site. To give some background to this, we've been working on a brand new version (v6) since late last year, and we feel it could have changed everything. However, due to loss of key induviduals in the team, it hasn't been possible to progress this any further and due to a falling number of staff and community members, this has put the site in a place we didn't want to end up in.

We'd like to thank EVERYONE who's helped us along the way, it's been a good run. We couldn't honestly name everyone, but to name a few: Strife, Brettles, Darrien, Lindsey, Matt (Tenbit), Nady, Brittani, Brittney, Susan, Maddie, Nat, Josh (xHissy), Andy, Kirsty, Kimi, Samlo, Ricardo, Jordan, Jamie, Kylie, Kailee, Charley, Emily, Amber, Ruth, Bree & Tommy.

We'll be continuing our promise to host official fansite events in-game at, until any fansites are re-selected and we are removed from official status.

Thank you for joining us on our journey, for now, it's goodbye from us.

Simon (MagicalSwimo) & Cassidy (:Cassidy)
FlyHabbo Site Owners